Our Staff

The teaching staff of the school are fully committed in their professional work on behalf of pupils, parents, carers and the wider community, in raising standards within the school. In so doing, they are superbly aided by a range of ‘Support Staff’. All staff bring a great deal of professionalism in their approach to the education and welfare of the children under our care and and undertake a wide variety of roles within the school which help the teachers to deliver the curriculum in the most effective way. Many of these tasks will enable the teaching staff to more fully concentrate on the planning and assessment of learning.

It is very likely that your child will have a number of adults involved in their lessons through out the week. Whilst not all of these will be trained teachers, their contribution to your child’s education is substantial. They all have access to approved training and professional development. The responsibility for your child’s education in the classroom context will always be that of the class teacher. The Headteacher has the responsibility to ensure that all staff are sufficiently well trained and skilled to deliver the curriculum.

We are very fortunate at Greenfylde to have a very well qualified and skilled group of support staff working with the children, and we hope that their contribution to teaching and learning through out the school is recognized.
We sincerely hope that you will work with us within a true partnership in the education of your child, and that you will find the teaching and support staff approachable and supportive to you. If you wish to know more about the staffing structure of the school, please see the relevent section in the prospectus or talk to the Headteacher.

Teaching​ Staff

Headteacher: Claire Oaten

Deputy Headteacher, SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Lead: Kerry Lewis

Simon Ashdown -Management and ECT cover

Laura Budd (member of SLT) – Year 1 Camelot

Katie Bullen – Year R Sandew

Laura Caines (member of SLT) – Year R Dove

Katie Green – Year 2 Hook

Hope House – Year 3 Morgan

Ben Jordan – Year 1 Puffin

Richard Lewis (member of SLT) – Year 4 Gatcombe

Ariana Linthorne – Year R Dove

Winifred Nakayama – Year 3 Ashton

Eve Turner – Year 3 Morgan

Sian Sainsbury – Year 3/4 Coker

Louise Smales-Cresswell – Year 1 Golden

Phoebe Swinson – Year 4 Coopers

Edward Swift – Year 2 Dunkerton

Charley Woodley – Year R Pippin

School Support Staff

School Administrator – Amy Burke

Receptionist – Catherine Switzer

Learning Support Staff

​Karen Aplin

​Emma Baker

Jean Brittain

Angela Crouch

Corinne Charles​

Clare Clements

Dominique Done

Rebecca Dunn

Debbie Hallett​

Vernon Higgins

Izzy Holloway

Hannah Jackson

Julie Patmore

Natalie Quinton

Sam Robbins

Sarah Rogers

Nicky Samways

Kayleigh Smith

Jackie Turnock

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Jean Brittain

Keiko Gardner

Deborah Hallett

Vernon Higgins

Jana Lyszyk

Jackie Osborne​

Louise Peachey

Chris Sibley

Jackie Turnock

Marie Ward

Natalie Dark

Kayleigh Smith

Heather Lamb