School Council

The School Council is a group of 20 pupils from Years 1, 2, 3 and 4. Two pupils have been chosen by the children from each of the classes in these year groups. They meet regularly to discuss items of their choice and issues brought to them by other children/classes. This is a role they take very seriously indeed.

These pupils have been elected by their classmates to represent them on the school council. They meet regularly to discuss issues and to ensure the children have their say and are listened to. The group also discuss how we safeguard all our friends in the school community.

Golden                       Matilda & Freddie

Puffin                         Lucas & Alice

Camelot                     Lissette & Cody

Hook                          Reuben & Elsie

Dunkerton                Sebastian & Leela

Morgan                      Abigail & Tai

Ashton                       Reuben & Alice

Coker                          Izzy & James

Coopers                      Betty & Charly

Gatcombe                  Alfred & Isla


The council will be working with Miss Woodley and Miss Green and our Key Stage 2 representatives had a chance in the Autumn term to virtually pose questions to the Mayor about their town.