Dove, Pippin and Sandew

Dove and Pippin Class News

Autumn Term 2021

The children in all classes have settled into school life brilliantly, we are very proud of them! It’s been really busy since they started school and we have taken part in lots of exciting events like the umbrella competition and designing and making our very own carnival floats to celebrate carnival. At the moment we are busy preparing for our Harvest service. We hope to see lots of you there. Make sure you have a look at our weekly sharing letters so that you can see what we are up to each week.

Summer Term

We have had lots of fun already this term. We were really lucky to get a visit from some special guests from Axe Valley Wildlife Park. We loved holding the animals and learning more about them. We saw some Pythons, Millipedes, Tortoises and Bearded Dragons to mention just a few.

We had a wonderful Sunflower week, which involved a whole school sunflower afternoon. We looked carefully at sunflowers and produced lots of sunflower art. Some of us even tried our hand at embroidery.

Spring Term

This term has been an unusual one with many of the children remaining at home due to the national lockdown. We are missing them all so much but have enjoyed seeing what they are all up to on Tapestry and also seeing them at our weekly Zoom sessions. These sessions have been a lovely way for us all to stay in touch. Some highlights form this half term has been:

  • Supertato – We’ve had so much fun trying to catch the Evil Pea and seeing you make wanted posters at home. At school we have displayed our posters for everyone to see.
  • Colour mixing- We’ve loved exploring what happens when we mix colours!
  • Frozen Fun – We have practised being scientists. Both at home and at school we’ve been making predictions about what might happen to water in the freezer and also how we might be able to rescue our toys from the ice.
  • Families – We’ve loved hearing about each others families and comparing what’s the same and different both within our own family and in those of others.

To all of our parents – thank you for the amazing job you are doing in supporting your children at home. We think you are all doing a super job and we love seeing what you are all up to on Tapestry.

Autumn Term

We have had a very busy half term. The last few weeks have been filled with lot of Christmas cheer. Alongside our usual learning we have been designing, making and evaluating our own Christmas stockings and putting together our first Nativity.

Our Nativity will be coming to the school Facebook page very soon.

Because our grown ups can’t come into class we did our annual Christmas decoration making at home. Look at all of the fabulous creations we made together.