Sports Development

At Greenfylde C of E First School we recognise the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles and high quality physical activity for our pupils. We want to offer our pupils a breadth of experience that will encourage them to enjoy sports, develop community links and understand the importance of physical activity for a healthy life. Hopefully, if we can set the foundations then our pupils will.

Please find below Sports Development Plan documents:

Sports at Greenfylde 2019 – 2020

Following on from our fourth Gold School Sports Kite Mark at the start of the year Greenfylde has continued its commitment to develop sports for all. We believe sport is an integral part of our holistic provision and not only supports an active lifestyle but also helps the children to develop self-esteem and self-worth. Sports are as varied as the characteristics of our pupils and for this reason we try to offer as wide a range of provision as possible from swimming to rounders, boccia and archery.

Bob Brunt and Germaine Tuff have remained as a weekly presence at the school for sport. By having the coaches work alongside the classroom staff, staff skills and confidence in delivering PE has developed and in having this regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development), staff are up to date in the teaching and learning of PE for the pupils.

This year we have continued our focus on strengthening provision. All staff have engaged in team taught sports sessions with experienced coaches giving them ongoing CPD. We have had a focus this year on sports being inclusive and pupils having a voice as sports leaders. We have seen children understanding more about finding their chosen exercise that brings them personal satisfaction and this has continued to encourage engagement in community sporting clubs. Maintaining the links to clubs locally remains a strength and we are always looking for new links, for example this year with Ilminster Bowling Club. Personal Challenge has been another impact from provision as children strive to improve themselves for example in the daily golden mile.

Covid 19 and lockdown has impacted on how we deliver sport. We wanted to prioritise staying active for all pupils in lockdown and for every year group there was a commitment to ensure staying active ideas were in each week’s online learning grid and were still taught in school to those in as key worker/vulnerable provision. Forest School was offered weekly to those vulnerable/key worker children in from March and stayed for this longstanding group as more children came back in June. Virtual competitions have been well received and saw a good level of participation from those distance learning; this was especially true with the virtual sports week and sports days where children were still engaged in trying to achieve their potential and support their teams, showing our sporting values were still being developed even in lockdown.

All our Year 4s have again worked towards our Level 1 Young Leaders’ Award for Sports and have arranged multi-skills festivals for younger children in school but missing out on the opportunities in Summer Term to support pre-school Sports Days etc. We have also supported our Middle Schools and Upper School by inviting their young leaders to gain experience helping at our sporting events where applicable.

We continue to use our dance and drama studio and our on-site swimming pool so that all pupils have swimming lessons. Our sports are varied and still include activities such as archery and indoor Kurling and we believe this continues to help our pupils appreciate how sports are inclusive for all.

Last year again we wanted to maintain our provision as we felt we had reached a high standard that met the needs of our school community and we are very pleased that this has been attained. Bob Brunt continues to work with groups of pupils to develop pupil voice and this has allowed the children to participate in curriculum planning. We remain committed to the key sporting qualities – communication, safety, enjoyment, co-operation, responsibility and organisation – equipping our pupils to be team players and young sports people who have a clear understanding of sportsmanship for themselves and others.

By Covid lockdown we felt we were well placed to achieve our fifth gold and thus a platinum award and were very disappointed when the scheme was suspended. However, we have ensured we have maintained the high profile of sport and physical activity during lockdown and have a renewed determination to achieve Platinum in 2021 to reflect the consistent work of our community. Next year we will continue to maintain our provision but still seek any further opportunities that can give more breadth of opportunity and experience for our pupils in sport. Emphasis will be placed on how we can further develop the use of inclusive and team sports in our curriculum post Covid lockdown re-establishing school routine and belonging and extending our forest School provision for groups and vulnerable pupils. We continue to ensure we are linking our development areas with those in the DfE School Sport and Activity Action Plan document published July 2019.

Our data this year is given below – please note all data for 2020 can only be measured until 20th March 2020 due to the Government partial closure of schools for Covid 19:

Number in year


% of Active Pupils in School Clubs 2020

% of Active Pupils in School Clubs 2019


% of Active Pupils in School Clubs 2018



% of Active Pupils in School Clubs 2017

Year 4 61 65.6% 80.8% 77.4% 58.9%
Year 3 71 56.3% 76.7% 65.3% 60.6%
Year 2 69 66.7% 73.3% 76.2% 73.0%
Year 1 66 63.6% 73.5% 61.0% 68.1%
Year R 52 38.5% 42.6% 28.4% 46.8%
Totals 319 58.9% 69.5% 61.3% 61.3%

The results for 2020 reflect clubs run in the first half of the school year. From planned sports activities that would have happened if not for Covid lockdown we would have expected to at least match the previous year’s figure; the fact our 2020 figure is very close to those in 2017 and 2018 for the whole year shows how far our school provision has now extended.

Class Number in year % of Pupils involved in L1 Competition (in School) 2020  

% of Pupils involved in L1 Competition (in School) 2019


% of Pupils involved in L1 Competition (in School) 2018


% of Pupils involved in L1 Competition (in School) 2017

Year 4 61 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Year 3 71 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Year 2 69 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Year 1 66 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Year R 52 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Totals 319 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%

For the seventh year we have ensured all children take part in intra school competitions through in school festivals and virtual competitions.

Class Number in year % of Pupils involved in L2 Competition (between schools) 2020 % of Pupils involved in L2 Competition (between schools) 2019 % of Pupils involved in L2 Competition (between schools) 2018 % of Pupils involved in L2 Competition (between schools) 2017
Year 4 61 100% 50.68% 50.0% 100.00%
Year 3 71 100% 91.67% 32.0% 22.54%
Year 2 69 100% 100.00% 19.05% 35.14%
Year 1 66 100% 100.00% 6.49% 5.80%
Year R 52 0% 0.00% 1.49% 0.00%
Totals 319 83.7% 68.31% 21.22% 32.69%

Virtual competitions have allowed far more of our pupils to compete against other schools. This has especially had impact since March as this has been a form of competition we could continue in Covid lockdown..

Class Number in year % of Pupils involved in Community Clubs 2020 % of Pupils involved in Community Clubs 2019 % of Pupils involved in Community Clubs 2018 % of Pupils involved in Community Clubs 2017
Year 4 61 37.7% 64.38% 61.29% 71.23%
Year 3 71 47.89% 65.00% 53.33% 45.07%
Year 2 69 49.28% 74.67% 41.27% 50.00%
Year 1 66 40.91% 72.06% 62.34% 50.72%
Year R 52 19.23% 51.45% 53.73% 27.27%
Totals 319 40.1% 65.70% 54.65% 48.63%

Many of our children have managed to continue with their clubs virtually in lockdown but major local clubs for cricket etc have not run during our term times due to Covid regulations.