Sports Development

At Greenfylde C of E First School we recognise the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles and high quality physical activity for our pupils. We want to offer our pupils a breadth of experience that will encourage them to enjoy sports, develop community links and understand the importance of physical activity for a healthy life. Hopefully, if we can set the foundations then our pupils will.

Please find below Sports Development Plan documents:

Sports at Greenfylde 2020 – 2021

Despite the challenges that the COVID 19 pandemic has brought, at Greenfylde we have remained as committed as ever to developing sport and encouraging all children to enjoy being active. We believe sport and physical activity is integral to our holistic provision and that it supports a healthy lifestyle, develops self esteem and builds self-worth. The sports we offer through the curriculum and in after school clubs are as varied as the characteristics of our pupils and include swimming, tag rugby, New Age Kurling and archery as well as the more conventional hockey, dance and gymnastics.

We have skilled coaches working alongside our teaching staff to ensure that staff skills and confidence in delivering PE continues to develop and all staff are up to date in the teaching and learning of PE for the pupils. This year as well as continuing Games coaching with Mr. Brunt, the children have benefitted from dance teaching with Mrs. Ali Holley and Yoga with Mrs. Paula Hall.

Ensuring our pupils have a voice in what and how PE is delivered has remained an important focus and a team of sports leaders from our Key Stage Two classes have met regularly with our sports coach Mr. Bob Brunt. All our Key Stage Two children have worked towards their Level 1 Young Leaders Award and have been integral in delivering warm ups and warm downs in class sessions despite not being able to lead activities across Year groups as normal due to the ‘bubble’ system that was in place throughout 2020/21.

The pandemic saw many of the community sports clubs close for much of the year and so maintaining provision within school was a priority. Each class was offered the opportunity to attend a termly sports club after school and Forest School was offered on a weekly basis to vulnerable children and on a more frequent basis than usual to all our children. Each class also has access to Active English and Maths lessons to ensure that physical activity remained a focus.

Inter-school competitions were also halted during the pandemic and so as a school we moved to taking part in a variety of Virtual competitions in athletics, boccia and cricket which were well received and enjoyed by all. Results showed the overall high standard of sports at the school. Personal challenges have remained a high priority which engages the children in achieving personal bests and reflects the importance of four of our Sporting Values – determination, honesty, self-belief and passion. Skipping became a particular passion of many classes – staff as well as children developing their skills. The summer term saw a focus on the Olympics and whilst a formal Sports Day was not able to go ahead all classes enjoyed taking part in an Olympics festival of dance and athletics.

Next year we will continue to maintain our dedication to physical activity and healthy lifestyles and seek out any opportunities to give breadth of experience to our children. Emphasis will be on inclusive and team sports and supporting our community clubs to return to pre-Covid provision. Whilst we have ensured the high profile of sport and physical activity during this difficult period, the School Games Award has been suspended for a further year and therefore we were unable to achieve Platinum and so we will once again work towards achieving this high level of recognition for the work our school community does.

Class Number in year % of Active Pupils in School Clubs % of Pupils involved in L1 Competition (in School) % of Pupils involved in L2 Competition (between schools) % of Pupils involved in Community Clubs % of active pupils in PE
Year 4 70 45.7% 100.00% 100.00% 58.57% 100.00%
Year 3 71 50.7% 100.00% 100.00% 56.34% 100.00%
Year 2 69 30.4% 100.00% 100.00% 30.43% 100.00%
Year 1 51 29.4% 100.00% 100.00% 47.06% 100.00%
Year R 61 Data not available 100.00% 100.00% 40.98% 100.00%
Totals 322 32.3% 100.00% 100.00% 46.89% 100.00%