Make a Christmas decoration

With Covid, families have not been able to come into Greenfylde First School in Ilminster for their annual make a Christmas decoration morning so this year the challenge has gone virtual. Children have been sent home with a Christmas decoration challenge to complete with their families and once complete, families are encouraged to share their creative talents with the rest of the class via the online learning platforms the school uses. Claire Oaten, Headteacher commented, ‘We know make a Christmas decoration morning is one of our most popular events and we didn’t want to lose the fun and enjoyment of this so this way let our families create together and we can still share in the joy of this through the photographs posted on our online learning platforms.’ This has in fact been just one way the school have found to still share in Christmas celebrations this year and have even created their own decorated window display in each classroom so that these can be seen by all the classes from the playground to replace their usual Christmas decoration walkabout around the classrooms. We know Christmas is so important for everyone and especially this year we didn’t want our children to miss out on this special time.

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