FrOGS is the parents’ organisation, and does a great deal of excellent work to support the school. All parents are automatically members of FrOGS. Meetings are held in the school’s staff room about once a month and everyone is welcome to attend. It is intended that meetings are informal but business like.

Chair Elizah Hammelberg and Phaedra Perry
The Secretary is Hayley Knief
The Treasurer is Lydia Inglis

Pool Co-ordinators Vernon Higgins and Ed Swift

All are contactable through the school office

Hello from your new FrOGS Committee

 We’re delighted to introduce ourselves as your new FrOGS committee members. Its two for the price of one with new Joint-Chairs Elizah Hammelberg and Phaedra Perry. Elizah works as a Plumbing Buyer for Screwfix, but has recommended you don’t trust her to fix so much as a leaky tap! She can, however, get through more glitter in a kids crafting session than Phaedra did on a Friday night in the 90s. Phaedra heads up the charity Diabetes UK south west and has worked in campaigning and communications in the charity sector for many years! She’s also married to the local cider-maker so comes with the added benefit of easily accessible Perry’s Cider! Hayley Knief remains with us a Secretary having taken over the role in 2019 and Lydia Inglis joins as Treasurer. Hayley works as an auditor for SWAP Audit and was a student herself at Greenfylde more years ago than she cares to mention! Lydia keeps the country running though her work in the NHS though her knowledge of 1st gear and reverse has been known to be a bit remiss on occasion, so watch out for her in the car park! We are all parents to children in Golden class in year 1 but will very much be seeking the input and support of parents from across all the years so we can create events and fundraisers suitable for all our children. What we all have in common is a strong desire to help ensure Greenfylde school can invest in the resources, facilities and experiences our children deserve in order to give them the best primary school experience possible – even during a pandemic! We’ve got some tough times ahead of us so whatever help and support you can offer, however small you think it might be, please don’t be shy! All ideas and skills welcomed! It would be great to meet as many in the school community as possible before we formally take over as a committee, so please do join us at our upcoming meeting on Zoom (date to follow). It will be a relaxed affair so bring a drink and snacks, don’t worry about the chaos in the background and either come to listen or come to share your thoughts!

We also wanted to ‘de-mystify’ what being a part of our Parent, Teacher and Friends Association, FroGS means so thank you to a parent who has helped over many years for writing the following:

I joined FrOGS in 2016, when my daughter started in reception, she is now in year 4.  I initially joined as I thought it would be a great way to meet other parents and a good way to help the pupils, parents and the staff. We meet every few months to discuss fundraising ideas and plan events.  All monies raised go towards resources and opportunities that enhance the teaching, learning and the social, emotional and well-being of our children at Greenfylde. Everyone is very welcoming and appreciative of any help and support.

There is no expectation of you to take on a big role on a committee, it is more about the sharing of ideas and giving time to help at events, anything will be a help and allow us to continue to run and raise more funds to benefit all the children within school.  Many of the events we run, such as discos, bingo and the summer BBQ are great fun for the children and families to enjoy.

The money we raise is available for all staff to request for items and projects of their choice that they feel would benefit the children.

If you would like more information please feel free to speak to any FrOGS members in person or by messaging the FrOGS Facebook page.

If anyone wishes to help with FrOGS but is unable to attend meetings please let us know. You will be able to receive minutes of the meetings to keep you informed.

FrOGS facebook page:

There are a wide range of activities run by FrOGS to raise money and provide enjoyable events for both parents and children. It also supports a wide range of school events. These include:-

  • an annual barbecue
  • regular quizzes
  • sponsored events
  • Christmas hamper raffle
FrOGS is always looking for additional volunteers and helpers. If you can help, please get in touch! Each year, FrOGS raises a great deal of money to help with providing extras for the school. Without their work the children would not have such a good environment to work and play in, or have such good resources. The most recent purchases are £3000 spent on fiction books and £750 spent on samba drums. The children will get great benefit from both.
Shopping On-Line?

You can easily raise funds for The Friends of Greenfylde School (FrOGS).  Please visit and register as a user. Thank you

FrOGS will get commission from labelplanet for sales of clothes labels made by following the link below:

Over £9000 worth of books for the school’s library and book corners in classrooms. This means that children have more, better quality reading books inspiring them to read and enjoy it.

Games for children to play in classrooms during ‘wet plays’. The children really enjoy playing these board games etc when it is too wet to get outside at playtime.

This is the log cabin in the garden area of the school. This was funded entirely by FrOGS and complements our excellent outdoor learning facilites really well.

Likewise, our pond area and garden have all benefited from FrOGS input. We now have a lovely natural area where children can enjoy learning and ‘being’.

FrOGS has supported the running of the school swimming pool for many years. This is a costly matter and not undertaken lightly, but is a wonderful resource for the children, who normally swim twice a week between April and October.  The pool is recently undergone major repair work and is now being used by the children. It is available for hire to parents and organisations. To find out more visit the Swimming Pool page.

Stage blocks. These versatile and and adaptable stage blocks have been really well used since given to the school. The children love to perform on them.