Swimming Pool

This is the Greenfylde School Community Swimming Pool, run by a committee of members of the Friends of Greenfylde School (FrOGS). The pool is 1.2 metres deep at one end, shallowing to 0.3 metres at the other. It is 18m long by 6m wide, and is covered and heated. It is used during the Summer and early Autumn terms.

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful resource at the school and it is greatly enjoyed by the children.

The pool is open for hire to members of the community who must register as members before being allowed to do so. Please call in at the school office and ask for further details, or telephone 01460 52686. Members will be expected to sign two copies of a Conditions of Use document, the instructions on which must be followed at all times. This document can be viewed below. Members will also be expected to have read the Normal Operating Procedures and the Emergency Action Plan. These can be viewed below, or copies are kept in the pool area and the school office.

The cost of hire is £15 per hour.

This can be reduced to £70 for 5 bookings in advance or £140 for 10 bookings in advance.

To hire the pool, please telephone 07849 767153. You will then need to fill in the booking confirmation form (copies given to you when you become a member, available from the office, or downloadable below) and take this to the school office prior to swimming, along with payment. We hope that you enjoy using the pool.